Quorum Bredbury Gateway | Bredbury Sustainable Scheme
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A sustainable scheme

Ensuring that our plans are sustainable and delivered with the local area in mind is a central part of our approach for Bredbury Gateway. By taking this careful approach, we want Bredbury Gateway to become a good neighbour to the local community.

Sustainably located

Benefitting from immediate connectivity with the M60 motorway, and convenient access to local bus and train services, the Bredbury Gateway site is in a highly sustainable location. Bredbury Gateway will also have pedestrian and cycle links to the local area, reducing the need to get to work by car or public transport.

Keeping Bredbury moving

We understand that local people will be mindful of the proposals’ impact on local roads, and will want to be sure that their daily routines are not unreasonably affected.


As part of preparing our plans for Bredbury Gateway, we have carefully reviewed the local road network and found that it can safely accommodate the additional traffic created by the scheme with appropriate highway improvement works at key locations, and that the site access from Bredbury Parkway will deliver a smooth flow of traffic to and from the site.


A full Highways Assessment will be included with the planning application and we will work closely with the Council to make sure that any required infrastructure improvements are delivered with the scheme. In addition, a Travel Plan will be developed and implemented to maximise sustainable travel opportunities.

Building in a suitable area

Whilst the site is currently in the Green Belt, Bredbury Gateway would be a natural extension of the thriving Bredbury Industrial Estate, which is the largest employment cluster in Stockport. Our site has been allocated in the Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework as part of the vision for an Eastern Gateway – one of four key areas identified in the conurbation to support the future growth of the Greater Manchester economy – and included in Stockport Council’s Consultation Papers for the emerging Local Plan.


We believe that delivering employment schemes such as Bredbury Gateway will reduce pressure to build on more sensitive land in the Borough and across Greater Manchester.

Respecting the local environment

Landscaping will be included to create a buffer between the site and surrounding area. In addition, a green corridor will be provided between the site and the River Tame to protect local wildlife and create a new pedestrian and cycle route in the local area.


Alongside the planning application, an Environmental Impact Assessment will be submitted. We will work with the Council to identify and deliver any required mitigation measures.

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