Quorum Bredbury Gateway | Bredbury Investing in Stockport
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Investing in Stockport

Our scheme will unlock a host of benefits for Bredbury and Stockport Borough as a whole.

Over 300 jobs will be created during the construction phase of Bredbury Gateway, and contracting opportunities will be created for local businesses and suppliers.

Bredbury Gateway will create 2,214 site jobs in a range of roles once open for business.

Bredbury Gateway will generate an additional £3.5m in business rates for Stockport Council to support local services, infrastructure and projects.

Our scheme will become home to a range of businesses across the logistics, warehousing and manufacturing sectors, creating a new legacy of industrial success for Bredbury.

£80m will be invested into delivering Bredbury Gateway, and the scheme will boost the Stockport Economy by approximately £130.1m each year once open for business.

Bredbury Gateway will support the regeneration of the Brinnington area through creating nearby employment opportunities for residents.

A new pedestrian and cycle link, as well as a new car park will be delivered for Stockport Sports Village, addressing a long-term challenge of limited vehicle space for this community hub and enhancing its accessibility.

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